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© Dr W. Andy Snedden 2016
Used by Permission 

This is a very simple fly to tie. It has proven very successful over a number of seasons at Lago Strobel.

Thread – 6/0 to match body colour.
Hook – your favorite extra strong nymph hook (such as Daiichi 1760) size 6-10. 
Body – dubbing brush or dubbing. You can mix dubbing to obtain the colour you like. I mostly use Arizona Simi Seal in Amber Olive, Canadian Olive and,
Canadian Brown.
Wing – pheasant tail fibers. Head – peacock herl.
This fly can be tied with a lead under-wrap. You should have both weighted and un-weighted versions.

Step 1:
De-barb the hook and wrap the shank with thread to just behind the hook point.

Step 2:
If you are using a lead under-wrap tie in the lead wire just behind the hook point and wrap forward and secure with thread. I like to pinch the lead at the posterior of the fly to help make a tapered body.

If you are tying an un-weighted version, tie in the dubbing brush just forward of the hook bend. Or, form a dubbing loop just forward of the hook bend, wax the thread, dub the loop.

Step 3:

Wrap the thread forward to just behind the hook eye. Wrap the brush / loop forward to just behind the hook eye making sure to leave room to tie in the wings and form the head. Secure the body with several wraps of thread. Trim any dubbing sticking out from the body. The body should be fairly smooth and not‘bushy’.
Ideally the body should taper slightly toward the hook eye but this isn’t critical.

Step 4
Tie in a small bunch of pheasant tail fibers on each side of the hook. They should extend to about the end of the body.

Step 5:
Tie in 2 or 3 stands of herl and wrap these around the thread (this helps protect the herl from breakage). Wrap the herl head, tie it off and, add head cement.

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