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" Why Patagonia? Why Lago Strobel? Why Cane?" article by Clem Booth

Why Patagonia? Why Lago Strobel?

Why Cane? by Clem Booth

"The flyfishing in SE England where I live is great; we have some truly world-class rivers, a good number of which are an hour or less from my home. The Test, Itchen, Avon, Wylie, Loddon, to mention just a few, are names one can find in historical books going back many decades, even centuries. These are my "home waters"; as is the Thames where we pursue mighty pike on fly.

Many miles away in Argentina, however, there is another piece of paradise; rapidly assuming the status of a home water for me, too. Such is Patagonia.

The landscape is like none other… one can perceive both the beauty and harshness of nature in the same moment. It is a land that one will without doubt return to. There are a few such places on our planet and this is without any doubt one. 

Not only the landscape, but also the people attract you; you immediately get the feeling that the people you meet are both unbelievably warmhearted but at the same time they don't take shit. A very pleasant mixture!

And why Lago Strobel at Estancia Laguna Verde? Well, it is said that catching fish is only a side-show in the greater scheme of things. No, no this is not so at all! Catching trophy fish is surely one of the great moments of our way of life, or at least it is for me. 

Lago Strobel presents the opportunity to do battle with the most formidable rainbow trout on Planet Earth. They are -simply put- beyond awesome. If you haven't had occasion to have an intensive meeting with your backing yet, come to Lago Strobel. You will certainly find out if your knot which affixes backing to fly line is secure!!

And then there is the ELV lodge... just the most amazing place. It is all about the people here. From the moment you arrive, you are wonderfully treated by people who really do care. Fabulous food and wine and if you are musically inclined there will be more than enough opportunities to express your talents. A few glasses of the finest Argentinean wine loosens even the most demure of vocal chords!

And why cane? Well, that's a personal thing. I love fishing with bamboo rods irrespective of whether the quarry is little trout or huge pike, maybe not always as efficient as graphite, but cane has soul. Listen to Neil Young on vinyl and then try your i Pod and you will know exactly what I mean. 

Chris Carlin, the fine bamboo rodmaker in Alaska asked the following question when I called him about an 8 weight for Strobel: "Are your trout down there man enough for one of my rods?" So, I sent him some pictures and his response was "Holy shit, let's do it!"

And so we did. Huge rainbow trout were indeed subdued with the bamboo wand; a fine reel from Joe Saracione helped slow down trout headed for the other side of Lago Strobel; which is many miles away!!! We got the job done!!

ELV is like gravity; you keep coming back. Or at least I will. Hope to see you there!"
Clem Booth

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