martes, 28 de junio de 2016

Booking the trip of a lifetime is not something to plan overnight...

Booking the trip of a lifetime is not something to plan overnight... 

You might be miles away now, and knowing it's a long way to fight Silver Chromers, it's definitely better when you can take your time to plan your visit. As avid fly fishing anglers who love fishing round the world, we know the journey begins the day you book your trip. Then slowly you start to prepare your mind and gear. You wet your fishing appetite watching as many videos or photos you come across with in the spare minutes of your busy schedule, you give yourself a treat and buy that nice rod you were after, plan your leave at work, etc. 

For us, this Pre-trip experience really counts! So when you finally get to hit those dreamed waters you surely appreciate and enjoy your trip to the fullest. Having that in mind is that we are already booking for next season 2016-2017. Actually booking for the following one 2017-2018 too!! We really want to make sure you can take the time you want or need to come after Jurassic Rainbows all the way down to Southern Patagonia! 

Stop reading and hearing stories about Strobel Lake, come and experience it yourself!... What are you waiting for?
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