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Once again, the arrival of May has marked the end of another season at Estancia Laguna Verde and all Strobel Lake and Barrancoso River area.

Many great memories come to mind, long asados which ended with guitar playing and folk songs, new friendships as well as the chance to see old friends again, and memorable angling days.

This was Estancia Laguna Verde Season N° 8, which looking back in time seems amazing. What started as a dream one day almost 9 years ago, has become something that fills our days, pumps our hearts and makes us dream in the off season about those endless sunsets, beautiful wide open skies with unique shaped clouds, and chrome torpedoes cruising at sight and the excitement of putting our big dry or nymph right on their path, and that sudden moment when we see that fish keying on our fly.

All of us that have the chance of being part of Estancia Laguna Verde believe that fly fishing is much, much more than catching fish. That is why we highlight many other amazing things about this wonderful sport, or why not call it, way of life. We also value having been present when you caught that remarkable fish that will remain in your angling memories forever, the unique surroundings which made you stop casting for a second and admire the solitude and true meaning of silence, the company of friends as well as strangers which many became buddies after just a few days, and even that big chromer that took you into the backing and got away who knows why.


Each of the months of the season provided excitement as well as the chance to meet many great friends from previous seasons that honored us returning to fish with us again.

Making a more detailed balance of the just finished season…

November and December showed fantastic fishing at Barrancoso River, which ran in very good conditions most of early season, only getting higher on very specific unusual warm days.

Fishing programs at Barrancoso River have been expanded from previous seasons due to more road work we have done in that area.

The two hanging bridges that were built last season at Barrancoso River, in middle section (aka Lodge Section, as it is just 900 meters from the lodge), and lower Section, have become more and more useful, allowing for great versatility and very diverse fishing programs.

The upper river Section, which for many repeat anglers has been often overlooked, fished great, with multiple combinations with Moro creek programs. The upper Section of Barrancoso River has been my favorite for years, and for any angler who enjoys walking along a river spotting fish, and trying to get just the right drift that entices a take of trophy fish, it is certainly something to recommend.

  Mid March and April showed Barrancoso River running very low, which had a good run of fish during the last month, though not as strong as past seasons.

Moro creek, once again, was a nice surprise for guests coming for the first time to the Lodge, while for repeat anglers this creek has become a classic must-fish of early season.

Most programs at Moro creek started in the sections closer to the lodge and then fished upstream, moving to the next ones. In most cases, what started as a half day program to be combined with Barrancoso River, ended up as full-day fishing ONLY at Moro creek!

The chance of visiting the amazing archeological site “Faldeo Verde” (Green wall), the wildlife and remoteness as you fish your way up the plateau, as part of a fishing program at the upper sections of Moro creek, certainly rounds up a full fishing day of angling adventure and enjoyment.

      Strobel Lake fished very strong from the start with a fish caught on the first day of the season at Monsters bay, way into the 20´s.

    Areas such as El Puesto, Dry Fly bay, Tasmania, Sea bay, Finger bay produced in great form, and showed an increase in fish of 15 and 20 pounds caught for Strobel Lake for November and December.

With the arrival of summer during late December we also got those typical long beautiful sunsets, where it seems the sun never finishes its slow descent behind the high mountains of the Strobel plateau. Fantastic angling conditions were presented at the lake also through January and February.

During mid March a really strong cold front hit the area after several summer-like days, which really put fishing off for a few days. This is what normally happens when there is a sudden temperature and pressure drop that can put fishing off.

The season ended as it started, with a 20 pounder caught on the last day, which put the cherry on top of the pie, with very nice fishing through the last days of the season, making April once again, among the best months to catch the biggest fish of the season.


On a different note, Estancia Laguna Verde is very proud of being part of Proyecto Maca Tobiano (Hooded Grebe Project), in collaboration also with the association Aves Argentinas. Using the facilities provided by our Estancia, a group of biologists and volunteers worked very hard this past season to develop a protocol that could allow the second egg put by the Hooded Grebe female, which is always discarded by the couple, to be recovered, incubated and grown successfully, which otherwise would be lost. The project aim is, once the chicks are ready, to free them in their natural environments to re populate the low populations of this species.

The results were very positive, with finally one chick of Silvery Grebe successfully being raised and then after the proper time released into its natural environment.

The work of this brave biologists and volunteers, hand picking scuds in the cold lagoons and lake waters, as well as teaching the grebe to swim and feed, paid off with this great success, after several trial and error systems, which may be a cracking move forward into helping the Hooded Grebe grow its population back.

With another high snow winter being forecast due to El Niño, season 2016/2017 is looking extremely promising, with many improvements in progress already, like more and better roads, more access to new beats at Barrancoso river, Moro creek, and smaller lakes in the Estancia that till recently were not fished and are now showing great fishing possibilities.

Thanks to all for helping us make a great season, and we look forward to seeing you at Estancia Laguna Verde next season, which promises to be an outstanding one!!!

All the best fishing,



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  1. Really nice end of season report Luciano. As always, we've had nothing but excellent reports from every single client that we've sent. I can't wait to get back down there and see you guys myself!

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