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START OF THE SEASON: NOVEMBER 2015 at Estancia Laguna Verde

Week: 1/2/3/4

Date: November 1st to 30th 2015

Weather conditions:
In general, the weather was very good for the month. Being southern Patagonia, weather changes a lot but, in general, it presented very good fishing conditions, with warm and sunny weather and low winds during many days. 
Cold fronts came in during a couple weeks, which lasted for one or two days, with a snow storm on Wednesday 18th on the upper plateau and even at the lodge during that night. The high plateau where Barrancoso River and Moro creek come from was covered several times “in white”. Those days were windy and cloudy but did not affect fishing in most cases. 
These late snows are very good, as they mean excellent conditions for the summer months at Barrancoso River.

Top 5 Places:

Mane's BBQ... reached the TOP 5 as well!!
1.        Puesto bay (Strobel lake)
2.        Finger bay (Strobel lake)
3.        Cocoon (Strobel lake)
4.        Barrancoso river lower section
5.        Moro creek (all sections fished very well)

Top 5 Flies:
1        Scuds (green / orange)
2        BH Prince Nymph.
3        Chernobyl ant (black, black/orange bottom foam layer or tan bottom foam layer)
4        BH pheasant tail
5        BH Black Wooly Bugger (small sizes 8/10)

During November fishing was generally very good, with many days of fantastic action and lots of sight fishing opportunities.
With all the flexibility and wide array of options at the Estancia, as well as new access roads and programs, guests visiting us during this month enjoyed excellent chances to fish many different waters and combine different programs, such as fishing Moro creek and Barrancoso river upper section; a full day at Moro creek; full day at Barrancoso river fishing Upper to middle section and middle to lower sections; exploring new waters to the east of the estancia, etc, etc.

Strobel Lake:

Places such as El Puesto bay, Sea bay, Finger bay, Dry Fly bay and Coocon were on fire.
During good weather conditions it was possible to do lots of exploring, past Dry Fly bay, Island, Aquarium, all provided fantastic sight fishing, with the chance of spotting fish even in very deep slots and cliffs.
Finger bay was awesome, with several days of really good fishing, because schools of big fish were moving in, most times during warm afternoons.
Dry fly bay produced really well, being better during the afternoons, as small schools of fish moved in and out after midday many of the days. Mornings, except for two days, were rather slow there.
Dry Fly bay cliffs fished really well when conditions allowed, and was an excellent add on with fishing at the bay itself. Fishing this bay and walking to the east, was very productive.
Because of the nice weather, lots of action on top happened at the lake. Dry and dropper rigs were very effective, as it was skating or twitching small mouse and foam attractor patterns with the rod tip or with short and slow pulls of the line.

Best areas:
  • El Puesto bay
  • Cocoon Bay
  • Sea Bay
  • Dry Fly Bay
  • The Finger Bay
  • Dry fly bay cliffs
  • The Island
  • Monsters bay
  • Camelot bay
  • El Puesto cliffs

Barrancoso river:
Barrancoso River ran really nice during the 1st half of November, while from mid to late in the month, its water level changed many times, according to weather. As it happens every year, during the days it ran higher; it was easy to observe many fish moving upstream. Programs such as walking from upper to middle section, or middle (lodge) to low sections were among the best, and with the addition of the two hanging bridges built last season, these are programs which can be done and fished with good success no matter water height, as the river offers all sorts of options.
The river fished very well throughout the month, with a season best so far there of 20 lbs. by John H.
Mid or “lodge” Section was a great program for anglers looking to sight fish and work specific fish with big dries, as first option, and with a weighted streamer or nymph where fish were holding in deeper spots.
Lower section, as it happens during November yearly, experience a great run of fish, and fished excellently in all its beats, being the best ones Mouse trap, Long Pool, Island pool, Dry Fly pool, Pole pool, to name a few.

Best areas:
  • Lower section (Long Pool, Mouse trap, Island pool, Dry fly pool, etc)
  • Waterfall pool area (middle section)
  • River walk program N° 2 (from middle to low sections, exiting up of Long Pool, 4 km of river, aprox.)
  • Bridge pool
  • First bend (middle section)
  • Second bend (middle section)
  • Vado viejo (upper section)
  • Vado viejo bend (upper section)

Moro creek:
Throughout November, Moro creek ran with excellent water level and clarity, with the chance of catching very good size fish and sport (best for the season is 11 pounds), with average fish in the 2 to 6 pound class.
Moro fished well in all its sections, and it was a great surprise for many anglers that fished it following the guides’ advice. Many times a half-day plan at the Creek turned into a full-day one as the guests decided, on the spot, to fish more and more sections of this beautiful creek enjoying good action with a lighter rod there.
Verde Lake:
Fishing very well, both at opposite side from the lodge, where Moro creek west arm pours its waters into the lake. Fishing very well in front of the lodge, with nice catches of brookies where the lodge´s spring goes in.
Nice browns up to 5 pounds were caught, too, and on the opposite side, showing rather bright colours and dark backs, very strong fish.

Potrero Lake:
Fishing excellently.

Horseshoe Lake:
Fishing very well at the moment.

Potrero Chico lake:
Fishing not well at the moment. Usually fishes better later in the season, as the summer progresses.

Other small lakes in the Estancia:
Chanchos, Ahogados, Flacos, Ocho, Clarita, etc, fishing good at inlets and outlets of Moro creek.

Best Catches of the month:
  • Fito M. 22 lbs., Puesto bay, Strobel lake  (cooper john) Guide: Alfredo
  • Mario M. 22 lbs, Monsters bay, Strobel lake (olive woolly bugger) Guide: Martin
  • Louis H. 20 lbs. Finger bay, Strobel lake (orange scud) Guide: Alfredo
  • Arturo F. 20 lbs, Puesto beach (hare´s ear) Guide: Nicky
  • John H. 20 lbs. Mouse trap, Barrancoso river (Black nymph) Guide: Alfredo

*All fish reported were weighed with a scale with the trout inside the net and measured there in order not to harm the fish, to be released successfully. The weight of the net is deducted, which gives the total weight of the fish recorded.

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