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Tying Instructions: Strobel Lake Mini Woolly Bugger


Thread: 3/0 color Tan
Hook:  Mustad 9671 / 9672, N° #8 - #10
Tail: Marabou Tan , Flashabou copper
Body: Flashabou Copper (5 o 6 fibers) , Lead Wire (hilo de plomo) 
Ribbing: Alambre de cobre / copper Wire
Hackle: Grizzlly Hackle
Head: mostacilla negra / glass bead (5 mm aprox.) - Peacock ice dubbing. Head cement.


(Paso 1)
1- Insert the glass bead. Cover ¾ of the hook shank with lead wire, keeping the turns tight, and pushing the wire to the glass bead.

(Paso 2)
 2 – Cover the lead wire with thread until the wire is evenly secured and doesn´t spin around the hook shank. Then secure one marabou feather just before the start of the bend of the hook. Once tied, trim the excess part. Tie two flashabou strips, one on each side of the tail.

(Paso 3)
 3 – Tie the cooper wire just after the tail. Do the same with the cooper flashabou, securing with several thread turns.

(Paso 4)
 4- Put together all the flashabou fibers, and wrap evenly forward and tie off just before hook eye, leaving space for the head.

(Paso 5)
 5- Secure the grizzly hackle feather, from the stem, taking 6/7 thread turns at the head.

(Paso 6)
6- We take two turns with the hackle feather (clockwise), and continue to the tail with evenly spread turns. Tie off hackle with a turn of the cooper wire positioned there, and continue to the head with even turns securing each hackle turn. Trim excess hackle feather at the tail, and cooper wire at the head.

(Paso 7)
 7- Form a dubbing loop, position and spin ice dubbing. Cover with ice dubbing the space formed at the head, in between hackle collar and glass bead. Tie off with 3 or 4 thread turns. Trim excess. Whip finish and cement head.

Watch VIDEO of Tying Instructions
Strobel Lake Mini Woolly Bugger. 

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