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5th visit of PETER COCKWILL at Estancia Laguna Verde

"Look Out Strobel, I'm Coming Back!"

 Legendary English angler, Peter Cockwill is well known in the fly fishing world around the globe and he has dedicated to fly fishing since he was very young. He is seriously committed to fly fishing in all possible ways as owner of an incredible fly shop, qualified fly fishing instructor, feature writer and fishery manager among others!

Peter is the proprietor of the Albury Game Angling Shop in Surrey, UK, which he opened in 1987 and has run ever since. He was the first person to introduce the ABEL reels (he particularly loves) and TEENY FLY LINES to the UK. He was also the first G LOOMIS distributor.

Qualified instructor in salmon, trout and fly tying, Peter has been giving personal fly casting tuition classes at Albury Estate Fisheries Weston Lakes, just up the road from his shop in the picturesque village of Albury.

In 1982 he initiated and developed a syndicate trout fishery of 3 lakes, and has been a fishery manager since then. It’s very exclusive and rarely has vacancy! Peter is very active on the fishery as he is willing to grass-cut it or do other necessary tasks of the general upkeep.

He’s very committed to fly fishing and has represented fishery interests through the Association of Stillwater Game fishery managers. He has done other works for the Salmon and Trout Association and has served on the Fisheries and Recreation Committee for Southern Water. It goes without saying that he is a fervent believer of Catch & Release for wild bred fish as it is so good for the sport.  

Feature writer of fly fishing publications and books, Peter is a referent to many anglers worldwide. He is a regular columnist for the English magazine Trout Fisherman but has also worked and contributed in many other magazines and periodicals. He’s written 5 books like, for instance, “Trout from small Stillwaters”, “An introduction to Fly tying” or “Big Trout fishing”. He has appeared on TV shows a well, like on Sky sports Tight Lines programs or Just Fishing on Discovery with Chris Sandford.

Peter used to participate in fly fishing competitions. He won the 2 UK small Stillwater championships he entered, he fished the European Open 5 times (coming 2nd, 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 2nd) and he fished for England in the New Zealand Commonwealth event.

Although he has a reputation as a small still water angler, he definitely knows his way around different waters and fisheries and has travelled the world targeting the hottest and unique spots even in remote places. Over the years he's gained unarguable expertise that he is willing to share with other anglers in his hosted trips abroad to countries such as Alaska, Iceland, New Zealand, South Africa, Chile, Argentina, just to name a few. 

We had the honor of receiving Peter on his 5th visit to Estancia Laguna Verde and had the pleasure of spending unforgettable moments and talks at the lodge. We hope to see Peter again soon!

Read what Peter Cockwill wrote 
about Estancia Laguna Verde!!

“How could I have known that the first trout on a fly, when I was just 11 years old, would develop into a lifelong obsession which a mere 57 years later continues to captivate and challenge.
Just about everything I do revolves around the many facets of fly fishing and it’s such fun to share it with others through my time as a fishery manager, my fly shop, the writing jobs, the many trips, individual lessons and teaching days. There were years when competitions played their part. Without doubt they made me a better angler and although I did very well it was the lasting friendships which remain as the best memories.  

It’s friends which are so important in life and that’s how I first came to fish Lago Strobel back in 2011 when Lou Hegedus persuaded me to share a trip with him. Now with a fifth visit approaching there remains so much to experience at this unique location.

Every fish is an individual and although the 21 lb specimen in 2015 is my best ever wild bred rainbow, it was a superbly fit 13 pounder in 2011 that convinced me this was THE very best place to catch such giants and undoubtedly it was sharing the moment when my friend Kevin had his 24 pounder that will live with me forever.

I simply have to see again those huge silver bodies crashing out of the waves and I am convinced there are fish yet to be born in the Barrancoso that I am destined to catch from mighty Strobel.

Each year the whole complex gets better as the roads and infrastructure improve, opening up more of the vast lake, while the lodge itself is so welcoming, it’s like going home. Look out Strobel, I am coming back!”  
Peter Cockwill
April 25th, 2015.

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