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END OF SEASON 2014-15 REPORT!! by Luciano Alba


April 30th marked the end of season 2014/2015 at Estancia Laguna Verde.
Looking back in the season many great memories come to mind, outstanding catches, unforgettable angling moments, and among the most important, the chance of meeting great individuals from different nationalities, with different languages and cultures, but with one thing in common… the passion and love for fly fishing! This made our stay at the lodge some of the greatest days of the year!!!

         The overall balance has been extremely good. We could enjoy of noticeable upgrades and we had remarkable fishing results. There were a few curiosities, too. See the highlights of the season and read a detailed description on the season month by month. Besides, get to know some of the improvements that are already in motion for next season!

         One major asset this past season was the shorter drives around all the fishing spots thanks to the hard work and improvements of all our Estancia roads during the beginning of 2014. It really made the difference and benefited all our visitors, as we cut down considerably all the transition times, making it possible to access different types of waters along the same day quickly and more comfortably.
          Clearly, this has been and still is one of our set goals at Estancia Laguna Verde: the chance of offering every guest that honors us with his visit very flexible and varied fishing programs. (Mind we are taking ‘him’ as generic… we’ve received great women anglers as well!!) We offer a wide array of fishing options and combinations of unique locations at Strobel Lake and Barrancoso River, other very interesting programs -sometimes overlooked- as are fishing several of the smaller lakes inside our Estancia, as well as a new favorite for early season visitors, Moro Creek.
            Shore lunches by our guides continue to be a highlight and the chance of accessing all the fishing areas of our Estancia in our trucks has upgraded set up and comfort. As many would recall, in the past seasons, we needed to access many of the fishing areas of the Estancia with ATVs only. Even though truck drives are now available, riding top quality ATVs is still a favorite among many repeat guests which enjoy all the excitement of these powerful machines surrounded by pure nature.


With many memorable “asados”, “Estancia owners´ house – slash – Quincho” (aka barbeque place!!!) turned out to be another great addition this past season. Those who visited us know there is more to it apart from the ribs, wines, fishing anecdotes and loud laughs… a very special spot where we honor Monster catches of 20 or more pounds… our “Wall of fame”.

The "3 weight contest" was another favorite before the asados, with a Carmelo Patti, malbec 2007 (choosen as best malbec of Argentina two years ago), as first prize.


Two hanging bridges were built at Barrancoso River, in the middle section (aka Lodge Section, as it is just 900 meters from the lodge), and lower Section. This proved to be a fantastic addition, making all sort of combo programs possible every day of any given week.

The bridges allow us to access to more pools, and added a lot more beats to fish in the river, many of these places were impossible to reach in previous seasons.


As part of the studies we have been conducting for several years now, Estancia Laguna Verde guides, measured and weighed all large fish of 15 pounds or over caught by guests in order to continue our research on this unique fishery, providing valuable data to be analyzed by our team of biologists during the off-season.

       It is worthy to point out that all these fish were measured and weighed in special nets with certified scales in order not to harm the fish, and be able to release it immediately afterwards without harming such magnificent specimens. Our guides deduct the weight of the net alone, of course, so there are no estimations in the numbers we record.

Among the stats, it can be said that the tendency shown in the last two seasons was highly confirmed in this season: Strobel/Barrancoso fish are getting bigger and bigger!

        Season 2012/2013, showed up a total of 14 fish caught of 20 or more pounds, while season 2013/14 recorded 24 fish caught of 20 or more pounds, with the biggest fish being a 24,7 pound fish.
       This season 2014/15 showed an outstanding total of 36 fish that reached or exceeded the mythical mark of 20 lbs., with a season´s best of 26,4 lbs., caught in mid February, and also a new best of 3 fish of 20 or more pounds caught by an angler in a week, which was done by Ross N., from Alaska.   

Besides, there was an increase in the quantity of fish caught of 15 or more pounds, which are now part of Estancia Laguna Verde history by being duly recorded on our book of catches.

Going over memories, early season (November and December) showed an outstanding SPRING RUN at Barrancoso River, with the river running in very good conditions during most of this time frame. January also provided great fishing at Jurassic river, as many people call it as well.
        The upper river Section, sometimes overlooked by many repeat anglers, fished great with multiple combinations with Moro creek programs. This section of Barrancoso River has been my favorite for year. And for anglers who enjoy walking along a river spotting fish, and trying to get just the right drift that entices a take of trophy fish, it is certainly something to recommend.
     Best fish of the season at Barrancoso River weighed, 20,5 lbs, caught by Jeremy T., at Waterfall Pool, doing the “River Walk program Mid to Low Sections”, on December 29th, just past midday.
     Strobel Lake provided great fishing from the start, with a 21 pounder caught right on the opening day, certainly a promise of what was to come in the season.
      Even though Barrancoso and Strobel had great beginings, Moro creek was certainly the star of November and early December, fishing in excellent shape, and with catches up to 10 lbs. A fantastic light tackle program, no doubt.
      Two new sections were fished at Moro Creek, with “Section 5” chosen by guests as the best of all with its meandering slow flowing structure, with the need of casting a few meters outside.
      Along with the arrival of the summer months, fishing at Strobel showed amazing results, confirming once again, that the months of January, February and early March, provide some of the best action and chances to fish on the surface at the lake.
      Late January, February, March and April showed the biggest fish of the season!
      Mid March and April provided excellent action at Barrancoso River, with an excellent AUTUMN RUN that got stronger and stronger as April progressed, with excellent fishing there until the very end of the season.
      The season ended as it started, with a 20 pounder monster rainbow caught on the last day!!!

With another high snow winter being forecasted, season 2015/2016 is looking extremely promising. Not only are the weather conditions on the move, but we are also! We have already started working on many more improvements, like new and better roads, more access to new beats at Barrancoso River, Moro creek, and smaller lakes in the Estancia that till recently were not fished, but that we now know they show great fishing possibilities.
So, all in all, as you can see it was a really great fishing season from all the possible perspectives you can look at it. Thanks to all of you who came down to visit us and trusted us again. It certainly helped us make a memorable season.

Looking forward to have you at Estancia Laguna Verde next season with more surprises and upgrades!!!
All the best fishing,

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