viernes, 20 de febrero de 2015


January of season 2014/15 with its classic long days, neverending sunsets and very warm temperatures has just ended leaving us a load of interesting information to analize and face what is left of the season.

All the improvements in the roads inside our property, done at the end of last season, allow us to make the most of every fishing day as they enable us to have a huge variety of combined programs, enjoying during a fishing day many of the wide array of options that Estancia Laguna Verde has to offer.

NEW!!! TWO HANGING BRIDGES at Barrancoso River

 Thanks to the 2 hanging bridges we constructed over Barrancoso River during last season, now it is posible to fish many new pools which give even more variety to our programs. Some of those are “The River walk”, from the Upper Section to the Middle Section, from the Middle Section to the Lower Section (each section has over 3 kilometres of river aproximately), and even one program that involves walking alongside the 10 km that the river runs through Estancia Laguna Verde, in its very best fishing part.

Besides, the diverse combinations of programs fishing upstream from the Lower Section allow access to many Pools that used to be difficult to reach before because of the need to cross the river. Now with the hanging bridge built on the lower section of the river, it is easy to access fantastic pools and runs, such as Big Rock Pool, Dry Fly Pool, Waterfall Pool, Long run, Small Waterfall Pool, etc., to name just a few.

Same happens in the middle section, where the bridge located there, just 900 meters from our lodge, allows access to some of the most beautiful stretches of this amazing river, especially Small Bend pool and Big Bend pool, giving more flexibility and options to every angler visiting Estancia Laguna Verde.

During the first 3 weeks of January, Barrancoso River ran with good water level and excellent fishing!! Most of the time, it was fished with nymphs and in some pools it was possible to go for very big fish with big dries, with patterns such us Chernovyl Ant, Fat Albert and Gipsy King.

The Unkown Moro Creek
 Moro Creek, even though running lower during January first weeks, fished very well in some sections close to our lodge. This unknown creek chains more tan 12 small lakes and lagoons inside our Estancia, offering notable fishing all along. Its particular drawing and similar characteristics to a spring creek makes it ideal to be fished with 5/6 rods for dry flies and nymphs.

Amazing January: 12 fish of 20 or more lbs. caught! (two on dries!)
 Certainly January, February and March are among my favorite months to fish Strobel Lake. Long sunny days, with warm weather (for southern patagonia standards!), and many of those with fantastic conditions to fish near the top with small nymphs and with fish willing to hammer big dries and mouse patterns, certainly made this past January an amazing month!

One of the highlights were several fish over 15 lbs, with 12 amazing catches that reached or exceeded the mythic 20 pounds!! Best fish of the month weighed 24 pounds and was caught by Kevin Brown at Puesto Cliffs.

As part of the research we are conducting at Strobel Lake /Barrancoso River system, every fish weighing 15 lbs. or more is recorded by our guides, who weigh and measure carefully using their nets and without hurting the fish. 

This data confirms the tendency we have observed over the last seasons that the sizes of the trout caught are BIGGER & BIGGER as we advance in the season, reaching to the records during March/ April.

Promising final months

February is on its way and the tendency is confirmed once again. We have already had several 20-pounders or over. We even had John Frenzel catching a 25,3-pound monster, the record of the season up to date! We feel optimistic we may have other surprises…

Undoubtedly, these catches promise amazing fishing during the last months of the season which ends April 30th.

We are looking forward to seeing the best Caddis and Midges hatches in the lake during the morning and mostly during the afternoons in these coming months.

With good rains and snowfalls at the Barrancoso River top, the autumn run will surely come early this season, with many males moving steadily to get ready for the spring spawning.

Thanks and tight lines!

Luciano Alba
Estancia Laguna Verde Lodge

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