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In Estancia Laguna Verde we truly care about every single aspect of our fishing programs and services, and that is why towards the end of last season we undertook the arduous task of bettering the roads inside the estancia. 

For several months we had workmen and soil moving machinery working, opening new paths and improving the access roads to different fishing spots. Fortunately, the end of the fishing season marked also the end of the land movements.
         We are very happy with the results because these wider and improved roads will maximize fishing time, shorten transitions as well as increase angling oportunities, with the chance of fishing, in the same day, a wider array of options and beats. Visiting anglers will be able to access by truck or ATV more than 15 kilometres of Strobel shoreline, newer beats at Barrancoso river, new access roads also to several of the smaller lakes also in the Estancia, such as Verde lake, Texas lake, Horseshoe Lake, and they will also make movements from one beat to another much easier and more comfortably.   

       We will be able to offer our guests more varied and effortless programs: enjoying a great fishing morning at Moro creek or upper Barrancoso river in early season, and going for the biggest rainbow trout of your life in the afternoon at Strobel lake; combining Barrancoso river and Strobel fishing programs even to the far east part of our Estancia; going from deep blue water fishing at Camelot bay and Finger bay, to sight fishing the sandy shalow waters of El Puesto or Dry Fly bay to feeding fish; or just fishing different beats of Barrancoso river in the same day. These are only some possible combinations but we will surely continue to develop more appealing options before next season opens November 1st 2014.


  Don’t let others tell you about these great improvements, ‘hit the road’ and come to enjoy the best wild rainbow trout fishing in the world! 

Don´t hesitate to contact us for more information on booking a trip with us at Estancia Laguna Verde!!!

Email: booking@estancialagunaverde.com
Web page: www.estancialagunaverde.com

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