jueves, 10 de noviembre de 2011



November 1st was the start of season 2011-2012, enjoying great fishing and good weather, with the addition of several important improvements and news from last season, that certainly, make it a very exciting one!
Certainly one of the most important improvements in the fishing programs has been the construction of the road that goes all along the coast of Estancia Laguna Verde at Strobel lake, that is now, almost finished.

This allows to access kilometres and kilomotres of new waters at Strobel lake, making it possible during a fishing week to experience lots of alternatives from one place to the other, from deep blue water looking for big fish eating near big rocks, casting in shallow flats to spoted fish chasing your fly “fin out”, like a shark, fishing protected bays during windy days, and wading the coasts of more open waters during nicer days, it sure can be a thrilling experience.

Regarding Strobel lake, two boats are being used to fish at Camelot bay, and Finger bay, opening up a whole lot more of fishing oportunities, even in strong winds, because of the protection of that element in the area.

 During early and late season, Barrancoso river certainly offers unparalelled fishing opportunities, and lower and middle sections of this fantastic fishery.                                                                                                                                                                    
With  the experience of exploratory “expeditions” enjoying great results and happy guests, our fishing guides go now into a sight fishing adventure at upper Barrancoso, targeting huge fish that attack agressively big streamers and dries, perfectly suited for the angler who likes to search and “hunt” for each trout. No doubt,  one of our guides favorites!

                                                                                                                                                                                               Among this new programs, the first groups have also been very impressed by Moro Creek, a small stream that chains the smaller lakes at the Estancia. This is usually combined with a stop at the amazing archeological site located on the way to Moro creek, known as “Faldeo Verde”, covered with amazing native drawings, paintings and petrogryphs, certainly one of the most unique in the province of Santa Cruz.
Moro creek is fished in two beats, upper Moro, and lower Moro, with a lake in between also fished on the “bocas” of the stream, suited for fantastic dry fly fishing with big foam patterns such as Fat Albert´s, Chernovyl ants, etc, or skating mouse patterns through it´s pools, with chances of catching fish from 2 to 8 pounds.

The lodge has also been upgraded with a new heating system in living and dining room,  providing both heating and a warmer atmosphere, in order to gather around the fire, talking about each others fishing day while tasting the also improved wine selection.
Finally, a new double room with private bathroom has also been built, which is suited for both two singles, or one double bed for couples.
Look forward to see you at Estancia Laguna Verde!!!